Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Background for Stewards of the Flame

What sort of "background" have I posted at Well, it consists of information about how things I imagined for the novel are related to what's happening now in our own world, a lot of which I didn't discover until the book was already written! Here are the topics for which there are pages:

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Implanted tracking chips
  • Compulsory medical care
  • Mind's influence on health
  • Neurofeedback
  • Mental control of pain
  • ESP and other psi powers
  • Fire immunity
  • Harmful psychiatric treatment
  • Heresy in medicine
  • Natural death
As you can see, the novel deals with quite a variety of subjects! On each of these pages there are some comments (which I'll post here too) plus many links, lists of books to read, and even videos from YouTube (which you'll need to go to the full pages to see). If you want to read everything at once, you can go right now; it's all there. From the main page of the site, follow the "background information" link -- because is a forwarded URL it doesn't work reliably for any page but the entry page. Or you can go to, which is where it's physically located. But there's a lot of reading material there, so you may want to wait for me to introduce the topics here one by one.

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Ann Downer said...

Sylvia, I'm so excited you're on BlogSpot! I mirror my MySpace blog here, too.

The new book sounds fascinating...I still have to get it. Enchantress was a formative book for me, one of a handful that inspired me to become a writer. I look forward to reading it to my son.