Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My new adult novel Stewards of the Flame will be available within the next few weeks, and I've been writing a lot of background information for it at its own website, www.stewardsoftheflame.com. But I have realized that nobody is going to see those pages except people who are already aware of the book and go there. So I'm going to be posting excerpts from them here, a little at a time, and then go on expanding on them and on similar topics.

Stewards of the Flame takes place in the future on another planet, but many of the topics it deals with aren't science fiction anymore -- in fact I've been surprised, since writing the book, to find out how close to reality some of the things I imagined now are. Like all my work, this novel tends to appeal to general audiences more than to readers with a lot of science fiction background. My aim has always been to reach a wider readership than fans of a specific genre; that was why in the past I wrote for teens. So if you don't usually read science fiction, you may still be interested in the issues I'll be discussing. I hope you'll want to comment!

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James said...

I am forever grateful to Dr. Peter Breggin MD for helping my son, who was misdiagnosed with ADHD when in fact he was gifted and bored in school.