Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sequel to Stewards of the Flame Now Available!

Hello, after a long absence! I didn't intend to abandon this blog, but I simply haven't had time for it between the work I do for income, which has many tight deadlines, and finishing the sequel to Stewards of the Flame. It's called Promise of the Flame, and it has just been published.

It can be obtained at and signed copies are available from me at I'm not sure if it will be available anywhere else, as I have changed POD companies. I have also created my own imprint, Ad Stellae Books, which appears as the publisher both on Promise and on a new edition of Stewards, which is formatted to match. (The are a little smaller in size than the original edition and are printed on off-white paper.) The price has also been lowered; they are $17.50 each and I'm offering a 20% discount plus free shipping at my own site.

Any description of the story of Promise of the Flame would be a spoiler for Stewards of the Flame, as it would necessarily reveal the ending of Stewards -- so I won't give one here. There is a link at you can click to see the description and a short excerpt, if you have already read Stewards -- or if you have chosen not to read it because its controversial medical theme doesn't appeal to you. Promise of the Flame doesn't include that aspect and can be read separately without any knowledge of the preceding book's plot. If you are interested in space colonies or in the so-called paranormal powers of the human mind, I think you will like it.

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